martes, abril 26, 2005

High Time to blog, me merry men.

Yes, it is indeed that time of the week again, I search my head for any interesting goulash, and you guys get the bits of stuff n fluff that actually comes out. Poor, poor Piglet.

Rambling Bunny #1: School.

Well, I could tell you about IUK. I registered for school a couple weeks back with the ol' timers. So on orientation in May I won't have to line up with the high schoolers and get whaky times or anything. Well, except that I've now got classes every day of the week (not counting whenever my newspaper meetings will be). And for three days in the week I have be in a class at 8:30. 8:30 AM, that is. So some would call that a little wacky. In the Fall, I'm going back to school as a full time student (with a picture ID and everything, yeay me!). I'll be taking 12 hours and 5 different classes: Comp Sci 100, English Lit 202, English Writing 132, Journalism ("Write more articles you dog!"), and Spanish 203. Cool beans, eh?

Rambling Bunny #2: El periódico (newspaper)

It appears that in order to participate with the Correspondent, I have to re-apply every semester. Alrighty, that's cool. I had been talking with the Faculty Advisor (the grownup involved with the paper) and she had wanted to see me take on a more active role. She advised that I sign up for an editors position so that I have a regular column in the paper to write and more imput into the paper's direction. Alrighty, thought me, Editor. I can do that. So we signs up and what does we get??? (paraphrase :P) Dear Candace, that's very nice and all, but we're going to put you as the Arts and Entertainment Editor. Yes, you'll still have to report on more of the same artsy happenings but with this job you keep tabs on each Music CD review, each Movie review, each art event review. In short, my dear, you shall now oversee the content for an entire page of the paper. The Arts and Entertainment's page in it's entirety is now your responsibility. Have fun.


How should I look at this?
On the one hand, an honor. This is an honor. They know that I'm helpful and proactive (read: annoying) so they put me over people so that I'll get on their case and stuff will get done. They know that I like covering the cultural spotlight, so they further facilitated this desire by giving me an excuse to find out stuff. College papers are designed to give the student body a voice, and to provide a platform for those students dedicated to writing and school spirit. I have been asked to accept a senior position so that my impute can help decide the direction of all of the paper. What a plum!
On the other hand, does this just mean that they put a freshman in a new position because no one cares and whatever happens in this paper doesn't matter anyway? Does this publication make a difference? Are they simply so desperate and deprived of any writers that they are past caring about skill? Stuff, however, happens for a reason. God has his own good will in mind, so I think I'll drop this "other hand" because I know there's a point to it somewhere.

::comes back to writing after 15 violin practice:: Blah!! all internal contemplation beside, what we have here is a little adventure. This position has never existed before, I'm in it now. Let's you and me see what happens here

Rambling Bunny # 3: tHE rANDOM rABBITS

uno: I was transferring change from one little purse to another and I drooped a coin under my dresser. To my eternal befuddlement, I was unable to locate it when on my tummy looking. Unless I move the dresser with all it's clothes inside and hair stuff on top, I shall never know what kind of coin it is, or whither it went. Who knows, it may even be a quarter. ::sniffles::

dos: Well, it's time for another Spanish class Community event. This time? Restaurant of course!!!! (Yes just like last time, even the same restaurant.) Only prob is that right after we order, we have to speak total, constant Spanish for 20 full minutes, and if we use English in the slightest way to communicate - we get a grade of 60. Bummer. 20 minutes has suddenly become a long time.

tres: The B flat scale is downright ornery!!!! (especially for the poor family members for who have to hear it parsed, arpeggioed, and generally slaughtered 4 days a week).

Well, hope you found something in here worth commenting on.

Until the butter flys, my dears

lunes, abril 18, 2005

55 Completely Random Things About Me

Haha! Found the perfect time and reason to do this. Sorry Evan if this leaves you all on your own. There are pointless fads and then there are cool ways of expression that really let people get to know you. I want people to get to know me. Hold your hats (and your nose)!!!!

TEN Random Things About Me:
1o) My livelihood depends on paper towels (yes, I’m in the cleaning business).
o9) If I had to chose between getting stuck in an elevator with a tiger or a cockroach, I’d pick the tiger. Every time.
o8) I don’t go to Purdue.
07) I go to IU instead. I’m going back to IU in the fall. On purpose. (it’s an Indiana thing)
o6) Peanut Butter is for me rare and beautiful plunder
o5) I read Pride and Prejudice in three days, and a 60 page book by John Bunyan in over 6 months
o4) One of my all time favorite actors is Claude Rains
o3) I never get nose congestion, except when I drink milk
o2) I’d rather get up early than stay up late. I’m a genuine morning person.
o1) My friends refer to me as a European vegetable (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) of the mustard family, having a globose head consisting of a short stem and tightly overlapping green to purplish leaves. Yup, that’s Cabbage.

NINE Significant/Favorite Places I've Visited:
o9) Boston Massachusetts. Boston rocks. I’m going back.
o8) SCOOPS!! for the unfortunate who don’t reside in Kokomo, it’s the awesomest ice cream joint ever.
o7) Yellowstone National Park
o6) Mexico (for two minutes, literally)
o5) Middle Earth (in the form of all three books read time and time again)
o4) The Smithsonian
o3) The Grand Tetons
o2) An authentic Ethiopian Restaurant in Washington DC. The indigestion almost killed us.
o1) Shiloh, in the land of Texas.

EIGHT Things I Want To Do Before I Die
o8) Converse in fluid Spanish with a Spaniard.
o7) Play Bach on my violin that brings someone to tears.
o6) Eat sushi (good, authentic, expensive sushi).
o5) Learn how to love my family more and more.
o4) Have tea with the Queen.
o3) Own a horse again.
o2) Take Amy to Moscow.
o1). Be used of the Lord

SEVEN Ways to Win my Heart.
o7) Don’t take yourself too seriously
o6) Know the difference bewteen Dickens and Defoe
o5) Make me laugh till I cry.
o4) Slip away from old friends in order to invest in the new guy
o3) Don’t poke me when I’m tired
o2) Get all excited about the exciting things: beauty, a new language, a vista, Milton, an ancient Greek dude, the sovereignty of God
o1) Worship Christ the Savior

SIX Things I Believe In
o6) Sleep
o5) Relentless Love
o4) A good pen for taking notes
o3) Breakfast
o2) Air conditioners
o1) Being done with this blog (c’mon, it’s 10:30!!)

FIVE Things I'm Afraid Of (in no particular order)
o5) Deceiving myself
o4) Alienating people
o3) Random parts of perfectly normal movies that no one else finds the least disturbing, (such as Doc Ock coming alive for the first time in the hospital, or Jack Jack escaping from Syndrome.)
o2) Bugs
o1) People

FOUR of my Favorite Items in my Bedroom
o4) My peach colored purse
o3) A set of Mattew Henry’s Comentary on the Bible (a birthday presant, of couse)
o2) A hand-me-down desert camouflage jacket
o1) All our music cds, of Broadway, Mozanrt, Russtle Watson, Psalms, yes, even Enya

THREE Things I Do Everyday
o3) Drink green tea before I do anything else
o2) Leave shoes in the middle of the floor
o1) Ask long, garbled sentances choked with noun clauses.

TWO Things I'm Trying Not to do Right Now
o2) Rub my eyes (it’s a contact thing)
o1) Stay at the computer too long

ONE Person I Want to See Right Now
o1). My Granny

viernes, abril 15, 2005

From the war front (in a tearing hurry)

Alright, I'm in a hurry again. I've gotta finish an application to the Correspondent for next semester (the faculty advisor complimented me and said that I could do very well playing a bigger part and sugessted that I go for an Editor (not Editor in chief, just Editor) position, cool huh?). And I've gotta get ready to go to a RP youth event tonight. It's called the SONrise party and we bring non-Christian friends and hear a speaker and stay up all night and go home tomorow morning. Cool eh?

OK, all for now. Maybe I'll post again Sat afternoon (after I come home from work and practice my fiddle, poor me)

LUV you all!!

(hmm, don't know why I just said that to the internet at large, but to all the important people who read it... it's true!)

miércoles, abril 13, 2005

The ramble

Blog? Who has time to blog???

Not me.

I've agreed to go ahead and write a correspondent article this week. (Yes, the deadline happens to be this morning). I actually cooked supper tonight. Hawaiian chicken. Amy made puppy chow, so she beat me on the culinary delicacies part.

The two littles (ha! I love calling them that) are playing Cops and Robbers with the Yorks at The Mansion (no, the Yorks do not live IN a mantion, there's an old very nice building that no one uses too terrible much, and on warm evenings you can hav a hoot flying over banisters and around under the foundations of the building).

Have you noticed that I'm typing this one straight into Blogger with no other spelling aid? Loverly stuff. Thought I'd give you peeps a look into the slums of my spelling world.

Oh, and did anyone else know that Peeps is a real noun and not just a contration? Seems that there are these strange little marshmellow birdies that are colored somehing fierce and they are called peeps. Any enlightenemnt on this would be welcome.

Okays, at The Mission they're haveing a bit to-do tomorrow, so what does that mean? Why, clean extra well!! I'll catch you chaps later.

What a weird day this has been

viernes, abril 08, 2005

I love pumpkins.

Yes, isn't that beautiful? I've been trying to go more toward the positive (whatever that means) and that was simply the most beautiful positive thing to be said.

Otays, this week. Monday, heh, yeah it all comes back. Last week I foolishly agreed to do a follow up on an article I'd written for the Correspodent. I'd writen about a play that the IUK Theatre was putting on. It was an adaptation of James Joyce's first novel Dubliners (you'll find that after writting the article I'm suddenly very knowledgeable about Joyce and things). Well, the long and short is that I saw the play on Friday night, the first of April, and the article was due on Monday the 4th. I didn't get around to it on Saturday, didn't do anything with it Sunday, and whoohooo! Next thing I knew it's a beautiful Monday and I could now start my article.

Well, I got it in, and I worked so hard (translation: used so much time) that I'd like to publish it here fore you.

Well, spending all of Monday and a chunk of Tuesday typing this beautyful article wouldn't be so bad if I had nothing else to do in the week, but nope, I had a rather LARGE Chemistry exam on Thursday which I had two days to prepare for. The good news was - it was a lot of multiple choice, so if one has no clue whether membrane lipids are mostly sphingosines or not, well one can just go for c because cold corn mash starts with c. The bad news was - it was A LOT of multiple choice!!! So you were required to actually know whether membrane lipids are mostly sopingosins or not! (for the record, I kindof thought they were. We'll see.)

I also had an oral presentation in Spanish class. This is where I get up before the class and discuss in a few sentences (in Spanish naturally) whatever topic La Profesora has chosen for us. In previous times we had to give directions from our house to school, tell how to cook a Hispanic dish and such things. This week it was Nuestros Arbóles Genealógico, our family tree. We made posters of our immediate family and also recounted a piece of family history and an interesting story. This was really just to help us learn the preterit and imperfect tenses (just all that confusing come, were coming, had come past stuff), but I wanted to share my story because I love it so much.

La familia de mi abuela es los Holcombs, y era el año mil ochocientos seicenta y siete (ó ocho) cuando venían de Inglaterra a Virginia. Cuando mi abuela era una niña, su madre guadaba unos melocotones en la alacena. Una vez, mi abuela trató a comerlos, y derramó todo de la lata. ¡Era muy joven, entonces los tomó del piso, los puso en la lata, y la puso atrás in la alacena! Pero, no se metó en líos.

Now, in English. Just bear in mind that things are pretty simplified so that I could translate cleanly.
My Grandmother's family is the Holcombs, and it was around the year 1767 or 8 when they were coming from England to Virginia. When my grandmother was a little girl, her mother would keep peaches in the kitchen cabinet. One time, my grandmother tried to eat them, she spilled the whole can. She was very young, so she took them off the floor, put them back in the jar, and put it back in the cabinet! But she didn't get in trouble [at least, that's what I'm guessing!]

Sorry, Granny, if I spilled your beans after all these years, but I remember you telling me when we were in the car once, and we both 'bout croaked laughing. I can just see you little guys all in a tithy and what does a little kid think? Ah ha! Put them back and the peaches aren't wasted, problem solved.

Well, Jim just walked in in that sort of way she has when she'd kindof like to be doing something with me but she's not gonna explicitly say she's board. I'd rather be off the computer myself too.


P.S. For those of you who like the upside down exclamation point (it's just so expressive, don't you think), you can create your very own by holding down the Alt button and keying in the numbers 0161, then letting off Alt ¡ there ya go.

Freshly color

Cool aren't they dudes?

sábado, abril 02, 2005

How Shall I Go to God?

Hey dudes, I read this this morning in personal Bible study. On our bookshelf we have a big green book which is part of a series called Soul-Winning Classics it is a compilation of shorter books by godly men, and the one we have is volume IV. In it is a book by Horatius Bonar called How Shall I Go to God?. I found the words spoke directly to many of my present feelings and doubts. The first page was written in a captivating question answer style that made me feel like I was listening in on a conversation between a troubled soul and a wise mature Christian. I wanted to share such wonderful truths with you guys too. The language is a bit different than we use now, but look for the same struggles that we go through, and get caught up in the progression of the reasoning.

[Question] “How shall I be happy?” was the question of a weary soul who had tried a hundred different ways to achieve happiness, and had always failed. [Answer] Secure the favor of God, was the prompt answer, by one who had himself tasted that the “Lord is gracious.

[Q] “Is there no other way of being happy?” [A] None, was the quick and decided reply. Man has been trying other ways for six thousand years, and has utterly failed, and are you likely to succeed?

[Q] “No, not likely; and I don’t want to go on trying. But this favor of God seems such a shadowing thing, and God Himself so far off, that I know not which way to turn.” [A] God’s favor is no shadow; it is real beyond all other realities; and He Himself the nearest of all near beings, as accessible as He is gracious.

[Q] “That favor of which you speak has always seemed to me a sort of mist, of which I can make nothing.” [A] Say rather it is a sunshine which a mist is hiding from you.

[Q] “Yes, yes, I believe you; but how shall I get through the mist into the sunshine beyond? It seems so difficult, and to require such a length of time!” [A] You make that distant and difficult which God has made simple and near and easy.

[Q] “Do you mean to say that there are no difficulties?” [A] In one sense there are a thousand; in another, none.

[Q] “How is that?” [A] Did the Son of God put difficulties in the sinner’s way when he said to the multitude, “Come unto Me, and I will give you rest”?

[Q] “Certainly not; He meant them to go at once to Him, as He stood there, and as they stood there, and He would give them rest.” [A] If you had then been upon the spot, what difficulties would you have found?

[Q] “None, certainly; to speak of difficulty while I was standing by the side of the Son of God would have been folly, or worse.” [A] Did the Son of God suggest difficulty to the sinner when He sat on Jacob’s well, by the side of the Samaritan? Was not all difficulty anticipated or put away by these wondrous words of Christ: “If you would have asked, I would have given”?

[Q] “Yes, no doubt; the asking and the giving was all. The whole transaction is finished on the spot. Time and space, distance and difficulty, have nothing to do with the matter; the giving was to follow the asking as a matter of course. So far all is plain. But I would ask: Is there no barrier here?” [A] None whatever, if the Son of God really came to save the lost. But if He came to for those who were only partly lost, or who could partly save themselves, the barrier is infinite. This I admit; nay, insist upon.

[Q] “Is the being lost, then, no barrier to our being saved? [A] Foolish question, which may be met by a foolish answer. Is your being thirsty a hindrance to your getting water, or is being poor a hindrance to your obtaining riches as a gift from a friend?”

[Q] “True; it is my thirst that fits me for the water and my poverty that fits me for the gold.” Yes, “the Son of Man came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. [A] If you are not wholly a sinner, there is a barrier; if you are wholly a sinner, there is no barrier!

[Q] “Wholly a sinner! Is that really my character?” [A] There is no doubt of that. If you doubt it, go and search your Bible. God’s testimony is that you are wholly a sinner, and must deal with Him as such, for those that are whole do not need a physician, but the ones that are sick.

[Q] “Wholly a sinner, well but must I not get rid of some of my sins before I can expect blessing from Him?” [A] No, indeed; He alone can deliver you from so much as one sin. You must go at once to Him with all that you have of evil, however much that may be. If you are not wholly a sinner, you don’t wholly need Christ, for He is out and out a Savior; He does not help you to save yourself, nor do you help Him to save you. He does all, or nothing. A half salvation will only do for those who are not completely lost. He alone bore our sins in His own body on the tree (I Peter 2:24).