lunes, julio 31, 2006

I have to put this here...

So that it can be my new profile pic. Woot! This is me and my man in Edinburgh (you'll notice that our romance caused a stir among bearded tourists nearby...).

martes, julio 18, 2006

I'm alive

But we don't have internet again. Crumbs.

Oh well, glorious Scotland makes up for it.

lunes, julio 10, 2006


Ok folks we did in fact make it to Scotland and this has been a whirlwinds of wonders. Tuesday was… yeah big. House got packed up, took off from Indi and then the long flight out of Chicago

Wednesday began with mocha in the airport in Dublin (what can I say?? we were pooped!!!). And finally terra firma in good ol’ Glasgow. Two of the church locals, secretary Beth Bogue and deacon Charles Muir picked us up in the inevitable blue minibus that we heard so much about from the mission team.

Wednesday also happened to be the looooooongest day of my life (partially because it had no real beginning in the twilight zone of the airplane). Even when I crashed into bed at 10:30 the dogged Scottish sky was still glowing with the end of an unusually warm Scottish day (the poor locals were sweating with this 78 degree “scorcher”).

Since then, the Lord has moved so many pieces into place! Everything from silverware to getting a van to cell phones to going grocery shopping I wouldn’t say that anything is quite second nature at this point but we certainly are beginning to live lives of sanity again.

As grateful as we are for insurance, hot water and pringles, the icing on the cake actually just came tonight. Getting a hard phone line to our new home has been a bit of a… a roundabout for us, allow me to use a new metaphor. We’ve been able to take the laptop up to the church building a couple of times but even then we couldn’t get it to work until today.

Well, this evening, while the rest of the troops were out for strolls, I deviously snooked the laptop up to my bedroom, thinking that I could perhaps type some emails or a blog to post for later sometime. (And fyi the master bedroom and my room are on the second floor of this house, and the other two rooms are down below the first floor in the basement). Anywho just as I get everything rolling and open up Word I notice a window pop up and here were the majical words “Wireless network detected” I was picking up an internet signal in my bedroom ¡!¡!¡!

::sigh:: Sorry, it was just so bizarre to think that we came into a house where there was a wireless signal right behind the laundry room.

Not bizzar really, that’s just the Lord. Every good and perfect gift is His.

So now, look out for brilliant posts from Amy, fantastic pictures from Ben, unfathomable insights from Mom, and yeah, pointless ravings from me.

The blog crew is back.