martes, junio 28, 2005

More Cheese

[Decided to be cheesy again and sabotage letters that I’ve sent to people recently. After all, why rewrite the same news?! This is gonna be repetitive and fragmentary, but hey, at least I’m alive.]

What's up with my life? Well, I'd have to say for the most short term - I'm trying to get a summer job. Yes, it's pretty late to start looking, but a lot of the last half of May was spent it preparing for my homeschool High School graduation. And a lot of the first half of June was spent recovering from it (I still have a dozen thank you letters to write!). I do have the very good fortune of knowing where I'll go to school. In the fall I'm headed for Indiana University Kokomo (which is 3 miles from our house, incidentally). There are no dorms, so I'm a commuter, and I'll be majoring in English or Humanities - for starters, that is.

Where has God taken me since last year? Well, up here! We moved to Kokomo last August, became members of Sycamore RPC, and my Dad is a pastoral intern working on his license to preach. We all really love the people up here (in Indiana, not just Kokomo) the RP church has been so very loving and kind. I've basically been in independent non-denominational churches all my life, so I'm able to view this experience as the new kid. Pretty cool. ...

And no, none of my friends really ever caught on to Candy. The closer friends I had down in Texas did call me Cabbage, though. It was simply a diminutive nickname - not an insult like it sounds!! ...

Did you like Batman very much? I did, I actually got to see it a second time within the next couple of days because we went first with some friends and then our siblings wanted to see it! I'm gotta try to have a dinner and a movie with Amy, my sister, and see the third Star Wars again. With such big juicy movies it's kindof a shame to see them in theaters only once!! ...

Yes, we were very seriously considering a preliminary get-to-know-you trip to the UK, but now it seems much less likely. God moves in mysterious ways and for this summer the doors simply didn't seem to open for Scotland. It's too late now to sign up for ECHO but I won't be sad. There's plenty for me to do here, and I'm actually looking forward to spending a quieter summer at home in Indiana. Josh (my older brother up from Texas for the summer) and I have been able to go down to Indy a couple of times to a Bible study for college age students and we've both really enjoyed it.

You mentioned riding lessons. Do you ride horses? That's extremely cool. I had a horse once a long time ago, but I haven't really been able to ride any since. Yes, Amy and I are trying to get a job for those "long Summer days" perhaps not one as interesting at yours (our brightest prospect is Kroger right now) but we've been praying for God to guide us to whatever work (in a job or school or help) that He would have us to do. ...

[As I said in my last post, some of those prayers have been answered. And today I'm hitting the grind again - turning out a new resumé and applications]

sábado, junio 25, 2005


Read back over your old blog titles some time (or at least the ones from the last two months) - if you're like me you'll see some fascinating highs and lows. You might have gathered from mom's blog that we had a church backyard fellowship night last Wednesday night - volleyball is so cool. And Fireflies!!! Oooo, I don't like bugs in my ear, but aren't they the most wondrous little creatures?! If you go riding through the country it truly looks like the night sky has come down into the field. ::sigh:: It was a nice night of Psalm singing, hot dogs, bubbles (with a big bubble wand) et all.

What does I now? I looks out the winder and I sees an overcast sky - my first reaction? Yippee!! Rain! Wind!! Mud puddles!!! But when I thinks about it I sees that if Josh and I are attending an outdoor concert in Indianapolis then we'd better hope that the rain don't travel down there. That or bring hats tethered with lightning rods.

This concert comes with attending Bible studies with the Covenanter Young Adults, the college-student-type ministry of a church in Indianapolis. Josh and I have gone to three of the Tuesday night studies at the home of an Associate Pastor there and have really loved it. This evening we'll be able to go to an outdoor concert of fireworks, picnic food, and George Gershwin music. Should be very coolness.

Oh, and last night we Jones girls hosted a party at our church that had a good 20 young ladies. Yeah, it was actually a ton of fun. I should have Amy write a full length review, but you can go to Ginny's site and see the very biased review :P.

Now me thinks me gets ready for me's picnic.

Oh, and this morning I just up and prayed that God would even get us some babysitting work (Amy and I have been trying to find more work), and at 10:30 or so Amy got a call from a neighborhood lady that we've been getting to know. She needed a babysitter right away, and off goes Amy. Our God is abundantly gracious and full of tender mercies.

domingo, junio 19, 2005

Back from the void

Started this last night, and though I don't normally blog on Sunday felt that it was good to regain some ground in the blogshpere.

Giving this another shot. Tonight I'm just gonna try to turn the gun back on myself, take the chair, and ask a question.

What mercy has God had for me today?

Well let's see, He blessed our concert. Today was our grand smashing finale to the KASH (Kokomo Area Schools at Home) String Ensemble - our big spring concert. We played three major pieces by Bach, Beethoven, and Rossini - all adult repertoire, all full length pieces. God was merciful to bless us with calm minds and sustained strength - I've been at concerts before where we practiced so hard that we were too tired to give it our all at the performance. We got lost only once in the whole hour and even then we could have all panicked (I know I sometimes do), but we just took a breath, and found a way back into the piece.

God allowed us safe travel in our car. Ok, so we only went 5 miles all day long, but this is just something that's been on my mind that is so easily done and difficultly undone. Over the course of the week, however, I've been down to Indy and over to Marion and that eventually adds up to make 100 miles I've traveled this week. In none of those miles did we destroy any lives, harden any hearts, or even chip an inch of paint on our new van. Only God could have accomplished such a feet, and only His gracious heart ordained it for us.

God gave us a sermon today. Mom recently suggested that while the four kids are here for the summer, the five of us could read a devotional work in the afternoon (this does not replace family worship with Dad, it's an extra opportunity while we have the summer time). The work that we hit upon was a collection of sermons by Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones called Spiritual Depression. I haven't got time to give the book justice at this point, but even with it's highly specified subject, and it's surgeon-like deliberation it's already bypassed my expectations. Let it suffice to say that he unashamedly began his "diagnosis" with some very cut and dry Calvinistic theology about conviction of sin, and justification before sanctification. Wow, just getting to hear this stuff every day is a blessing.

That's just three, and those are side issues compared with His mercy, His offer of total salvation and holiness, being renewed this morning. In the face of all sin and sinners, great is His faithfulness.

miércoles, junio 08, 2005

Here we are.

Well, I'm graduated.

How does it feel? Well, if it takes a village to raise a child it takes a fleet of galley slaves to graduate one. My family banded up and worked like a team of paid designers and caterers, they moved chairs and tables, set up the sound system, framed pictures, arranged balloons, even printed my acceptance speech! ::many bows to Mr. Benny:: Mom, Dad, Amy, and my BF Esther all wrote killer speeches (and still found time to help me organize and scrapbooks and baby toys!). My Granny put her life on hold to host us in high Southern style (with enough gravy and cake for Cox's army!!). Garsh, where does it all end?!

Dozens of people spent a whole Friday evening celebrating with me, junior high conductors whom I hadn't seen in a few years, old friends of my Grandmother's whom I couldn't tell from Adam. My Aunt drove 2 hrs from Miniola, my Uncle Lee actually slipped away from his work and drove 30 miles one way to stay for an hour. And then there was my Uncle Keith Carnes who traveled from Austin a whopping four or five hours one way, only to drive back that night because he had to work the next day!! Man, what did I ever to to interest or help these people? That's what I keep asking as I receive card after card in the mail. For now I'm putting the gifts back in a bank account, but why should they bother to send their money across the country at all?!

So yeah, I'm graduated, but it took the sacrifice of a lot of people, and a the abundant grace of God to provide for me. A week, heh, that I'll never forget.