lunes, febrero 21, 2005

A letter writer at last

Erg, time to blog again. But what happened today??? (And just to make Josh and Jordan happy, my time count for this blog is 11 minutes ::wicked laugh::).

Ok, but what did happen today? Oh yeah, I sent off an article. The one I was complaining about in a reply to Mom's blog. It's about an... er... entertainer who came to my school and gave some stand up comedy. ::thinking:: Don't exactly know how to share it with those interested, it'd make a pretty weird blog. ::thinking again:: Ah. Just stop by the alumni hall of the Kelly Building and pick up one of the papers yourself, they should be just to your right as you walk in the southwest door. :D

In very welcome news... I got my pen pal today!!! ::cheers and sighs of relief:: I know I know, but for those of you who aren't raving participants in Candace's Fan Club, let me tell you the story. Our church Sabbath school class is studying foreign missions (Have I mentioned this? Seems I keep deja vooing and repeating myself). Well a couple of months ago everyone got email addresses of Missionaries in the RPCNA (Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America) who were out on the field. There were a lot of really far places where people are laboring to plant churches: France, Cyprus, the Philippines, Japan, Australia. I signed up for Ireland, and Mom did Scotland (Ben was Ireland too, and Amy was France, whata shock...)

Well, everyone had their email contacts right off except for France, Scotland, and Ireland. France came in later, Scotland at last. One lady in our class got a missionary in Russia, but was unable to write her 'cause of computer situations, so she asked if I'd write her. Finally, I had someone to write too, a woman in Moscow. Well, where would she be, but here on furlough in the states!! So she hasn't gotten back with me yet (but I think she's going back soon). Still, this could be really cool.

The point of this extended rabbit chasing, was to say that TODAY I got the email address of a young woman in Ireland. Yup I'm gonna email her today or tomorrow, DV. God is really gracious, and I rejoice at last. Now may He grant me faithfulness, wisdom, and love to correspond and worship across the miles.

P.S. Right now (at 7:09 pm on Monday) Dad's preaching at a homeless shelter for men. Even though you're reading this later, be praying and thinking about him. :o)

Hasta la eternidad

miércoles, febrero 16, 2005


I officially have 19 minutes to write an email, blog covering a week and a half (or something), change into decent clothes and leave for a IUK paper meeting at twelve where I will probably sit around and watch other people eat while my homemade hamburger gets cold here.

As you can imagine, this will be a willy of a blog, so in one sentence form.

I spent the evening of last Friday (the 11th) through the afternoon of Sunday at an event of our denominational youth from 3 churches. (wow that was a poor sentence!) It was called the Gethsemeny Challenge and we spent the time fasting, praying, and hearing from a speaker. It was cool.

Oh yeah, on Monday I got published in the Correspondent. Yeay me.

I've been sick with a very mild head cold. Not very nice when you're trying to meet High schoolers at the Challenge and start coughing in their face. Also not nice when you're in the Chem lab and have to wear goggles that feel like an elephant sitting on your nose. No, precious, not very nice at all...

jueves, febrero 10, 2005


Once again I shamelessly squelch on time by using exerts from a letter to a friend for my blog. Well, at least you get a little idea of them butterflies in my head.


Sorry, but when I get on the computer (or when I do anything these days for that matter) I always wanna chase all these pointless (but not tail-less) rabbits, and errrg, I get bogged down (like this sentence). So right now I'm suffering from CFD, Chemistry Focus Disorder) which I've only just contracted the semester that I started organic chemistry. It's main ailment is a crossing of the eyes from studying too many alcohol reactions. My only cure for not being able to see straight is shaking my head like a deaf puppy dog, and squinting really hard. A woeful and incurable disease (at least until next Thursday after the test!)

In all seriousness, though, please pray for me as I am struggling with managing my time well, and be faithful to my Father in the little things.


Yup. That was to say that I spent the last 10 or 15 minutes looking for something else over the vast internet and now either my chem study goes shorter or this letter to you goes shorter. Or, both.

Anywho. About today, my spanish teacher has 2 or 3 "Community events" throughout the semesters, and the first one is today. Last time, after we got warmed up, we'd go out into a public place, find Hispanics, and start talking. This time though, it's just a practice run and will take place at El Arriero's which is..? A restaurant, of course!!
FOOOD! Yeah, so this one's a give away. Show up, get some muchies, and you get 100 points. Nice. "

ERG! Time to study again. Catch yall later.

miércoles, febrero 09, 2005

The poet

Nope. In this case, I'm not the one referred to. My sister, Amy, is a prolific writer, and I bet her poems number past 200 or so. She's famous (well with those who follow her career!) for lovely, flowing poems of 12 pages, and these are some of her best. What's here, however, is a small gem. I glanced over one of her pools of papers and rediscovered a poem called Oxymoron. It's really cool (and under her own pen name!). But the poem is its own best praise, so enjoy and look for more in the future!

by L. H. Fallow

What is an oxymoron, is it liberty caught,
Is it with nothing bought,
A tuneless melody?

Or is it more like burrowing up,
Ascending down the rows before,
Like drinking from a bottomless cup,
And entering under a frameless door?

Is it like white that shines so dark,
That nothing but glowing shadows are there?
Or like the tide of an oceans not hark,
Fair beating away on stones that are not?

What is an oxymoron, is it freedom for a price,
Or a begrudging sacrifice,
Like dry water under ark?

viernes, febrero 04, 2005

la musica

Josh said that you weren't a real blogger unless you blogged within every three days. Well, I've apparently made my own Cabbyworld rule that goes something like this: "You aren't a real blogger unless you blog once every 1.16 weeks, just enough to stay alive and annoy everyone at the same time." Nice, huh?
We went to music lessons today. This involves squeezing into the little blue car (since the van has been iffy for a while and got repairs this morning), fixing our lunch with my elbow in Benny's tummy, and driving around Indiana for 40 minutes down, down to Carmel ("striving metropolis" Granny would have called it). Theoretically, one could bring the copious Chemistry book, like a good girl, and study down, up, and during Amy's lesson. In reality this meant bringing handfuls of newspapers to brush up on School Newspaper Layout because aldahydes and ketones are bad enough when one is stationary. But today was a good day and when we got out, the realization that it was not a Monday but Friday was to beautiful for words! Also, Pam was in a beneficiary mood today, she like how the Accolay was coming, her dogs were still the joys of her life, and no, I didn't need to pound the metronome for now. A good music lesson. (Ed. note: Everyone who doesn't know Pam Close should be informed that she is in fact a jaw dropping violinist, and the most fanatically outstanding teacher I've ever known or heard of. She just has those musician tangents every now and then.)
Ooo, maybe Joshy will be the only one to appreciate this, but I found out that Joshua Bell and Edgar Meyer are both IU alumni. Yeay Hoosiers!
On the paper trail (heh, you get it? paper trail, trying to join the newspaper? get it? I'm so witty!) I've finally gotten an email back from a real live human being who happens to also be the Editor in Chief. Only problem is that it wasn't addressed to only me but to a group of students who hadn't joined the paper but expressed interest. Now comes the crazy part: in the editors report and the minutes from the meetings various people keep pleading for volunteers to cover events that no one wants. One of these is a... we'll call it an "Expression Competition" tonight, where there'll be a open microphone for anyone to jump up and present original songs, poetry, instrumental music etc. And yup, I've volunteered to go (at least for an hour). Dad was very gracious when me and Mom sprung on him, he even said I could decide my own time to be home. (Ed. note II: I'm still not sure that being a big girl is all that fun, though. I try not to squirm under the responsibility of making decisions and pulling my weight, but does anyone have a ticket to Neverland just in case this growing up thing goes boom?) Anywho.
Well, I hear Mom in the kitchen, and methinks it's time to turn me thoughts to the culinary arts (or hearts, as it were, goodness I'm so cheezy!!!). Be praying for me that I don't fall down a rabbit hole while out in the wide world!!!

martes, febrero 01, 2005

Breaking into the paper

Woosh! Another week gone by. My commendations to all those 7 billion people in the world who blog better than I, apparently this is something that for me takes more guts than I anticipated.

Well, on the job market front (::snort:: that's just a laugh) I've been invited to be a part of the Correspondent team. I still don't know whether they will offer me any sort of salary or not (perhaps lowly writers are not "paid positions" in their eyes, we'll see). But as my highly esteemed mater keeps pointing out, perhaps at my age experience is worth a lot more than money. For one thing, I won't run out of things to do. I've been able to go to Oncourse, the place where IUK students have their syllabi and forums for each course and I've now had another one added, J290 (I think). I'm in the status of a guest for now, because I've still not been to one of the weekly meetings, of which they've had three.

The paper seems to be wanting to run "thematic" issues. Unfortunately this does not necessarily mean "dramatic" (interesting), "pragmatic" (useful), or "diplomatic (tasteful) issues. No, it simply means that for the first February issue, we'll be talking about the grand valentine theme: LOVE. Ain't it great?!
Now don't get me wrong. I'm poking a little fun, but no paper is perfect and more importantly I'm wanting to give some of me to working at it without putting it up on a pedestal. Journalism is, at square one, a very good thing. It can used as a powerful witness for Christ directly and glorify Him in a general way simply promoting truth and equity. Even in this issue there's a chance to point to God's standards. The day that I was set up to be able to view this course, an email came over to everybody from a reporter. She was writing a story on a seminar about woman's freedom in the modern age, but to be fair and help balance the story she wanted another point of view. She wondered if any of us knew a church official from a church that promoted virginity and abstinence before marriage. I was able to talk to Mr. York (our pastor) and offer to her that she interview him. I'm not sure if she has something else already, but it was exciting to be able to take up this chance.

Well, ok. Enough peas from my head for now.

¡¡Hasta la eternidad!!