lunes, agosto 28, 2006

She lives!!!

But she also has very limited internet time sitting in the Airdrie library. Sorry that you guys don’t get a bodaciolific post, but I gotta do my emails.

So I thought I’d steal material from an email to a most beloved friend, and when she reads it online, she can pretend that it’s all new.

I come to you today with a tale of computing woe, so pull out your Kleenex box as I explain why my letter to you has yet to arrive. On a peaceful Saturday afternoon I attempted to print out the letter at home, but our printer is not happy with any of our computers and so the attempt failed – ah me! Then I thought that I would email it to you from the church, but no good as well, the office was occupied by pastors and secretaries and things (what do these people think they’re doing in a church office – work or something?!). My next attack was to email it from the library, but now the computer is not reading my flash key! :{ Oh thwarted ambition! But never fear. Someday our printer will be up and working, and Lord willing we will have our phone line installed sometime this weekend, so your letter will arrive – it just may take a wee while!

Thus are the adventures of Cabbage for today (which is as much to say that it’s a beautiful sunny morning, and today is my dad’s birthday [ice cream and apple pie - yessss!], and life is going just great; what else is new?). But you know that things have got to be ok when I keep using my favourite little parenthesis men - bring on the funky grammar! ([{}])

My internet time is limited, so I have to say cheerio now.


viernes, agosto 18, 2006

Murmur midstream

If you visit the that emotive encouragement which is James (whooooa, I’ve been in Great Britain too long!) or the tales of a minstrel mom you will know that we are about to disappear into the land of non-internet again. So those many and magnificent posts that you are so used to having from me may have to have their beauty sleep for a while. In reality, I’m deviously indifferent to the lost of the net when faced with the excitement of moving in/setting up/dare-we-say-decorating a new home. Yippeee!

I’ve been receiving a few emails from you peeps in the states which are a great encouragement to me. I’ve also just enjoyed spending these weeks with the family (which sadly lost our Captain Constantinople {josh}, but gained a Ginny of great standing!), woof!

Woof??? Have I ever said that before??? Well you may contemplate those depths while I slide once again into the void…