martes, enero 25, 2005

¡Perdón, lo siento!

I'm sorry. I'm a bad blogger, what can I say? Today's list of things to do:
1)Stop by me old chem teacher's office and get her reference letter.
2) Study this weeks spanish lesson sometime before 5:30 so that Profesora don't go bonkers.
3) Practice violino for 20 min's so that Pam don't go bonkers.
4) Just starting the Chemistry "enrichment lessons" about lewis structures would be nice, but we'll se how far we go.
5) Go by the Correspondent (IUK's student newspaper) and hand in an application. Note: The Correspondent has been through allot of upheaval over Christmas break: lost the assistant editor, and the layout editor, and the business coordinator, and the main editor!!! Yeah, they could use some fresh input and really so could I. (And, let's be human about it, the paper also pays some to!) So I've spent part of my weekend writing a couple of articles so that I could turn them in with my application. Not the most relaxing thing in the world for me, but a good exercise in journalism, and a good step toward what could be an awesome job.
6) Read my chem lab lesson (note to self, show up at 1:30 instead of 1 like normal).
7) Eat, yup, something high protein would be nice.
8) Last, but pressing in my mind, comment on the faithful blogs of other faithful friends to show that I really exist in the same space/time continuum (no, I don't know what that is or how to spell it, but it did sound nice, huh?)
Oh yeah, 9) Go to a young adult drama workshop this evening because acting is cool and I love Amy the Actress so much!!!!

¡¡Hasta la eternidad!!

miércoles, enero 19, 2005

A wendesday kind of entry

Well, coffee's finaly kicking in. Tired from playing violin. Pam (me violin teacher) says that it's not so much the time you put into practice, it's knowing how to practice well. I know that SHE pratices well, but I worry sometimes if I'm not just wasting half an hour and "practicing well" the other half hour. On the bright side, I've seen a marked improvement in my whole playing style and attitude, the kind of improvment that you can feel under your fingers once in a couple of days, that really brings you up and makes you determined to go back and play that scale slower.

I have undone chemestry yet to do, and a quiz on the prefixes for alkanes tomorow. Yup I need to stop blogging and go to do that. So tottles and wish me luck!

On the furthest and brightest side:
God is our refuge and our strength, in straights a presant aid And therefore though the earth be moved, we will not be afraid.
Psalm 46 metrical version

lunes, enero 17, 2005

Finaly a focus

Allrighty my good peeps, I have now found the reasons for blogging within my own wee head and will try to put your waiting to rest (a particular apology to Mom, who had to go through the numerous and grumpy refusals for a season). The simple truth is that after attending the Covenanter Young Adult Winter Conference this last weekend God opened up to a... (the adjective "beautiful" comes to mind!) group of young people all of whom I want to know. And blogging seems like the only way to humanly connect with them all (hey I like my beauty sleep).

Sadly, although "my purpose holds" to really make work and sense of connecting, this particular blog is just a jumble of my thoughts and reactions, and part of an email I sent to a friend, sorry if it jumps into the middle of things, but hey, that's what I'm doing too:

I haven't been able to describe what God showed to me all during the conference. There is so much to cherish in His grace, so much to hold on to in what He has done for us. But His light His words of freedom, that make so much sense and are so simple, has now shined upon me and lit up more than corners in my heart - they have revealed a Savior that will bear me up to himself with his own outstretched arm, on the power of his own blood. His words came to me and won out over doubts that have been my tyrants. His love to me was sweet, overwhelming, but to my enemies he spread a sheet of grace ten feet deep At first I was so nervy and skittish, I would keep sitting way off in corners with my mouth clamped shut. Looking back, I should have used my precious time better, launching out among people and asking about their lives. But on the other hand, I was SO encouraged and blessed to have people come up to me and sit down to hear about my world, like I was a kind of long lost sister.

Well, the conference for me was a blast, an eye opener, a wash of grace from my Father. I really appreciate that we were surrounded by such godly men who on one hand were relentless for their faith, but on the other were so compassionate and meek and balanced. As a young sapling with hasty, condemning blood rushing around in my veins I am genuinely amazed every time I hear gentleness and farsightedness fall from the lips of a mature Christian. What remarkable humbleness of spirit it takes to say the things they did!! I mean, the whole tattoo thing in the Stump the pastors, I would've just said, "Yeah, you're young and rebellious and so whatever first impulse in your head - its wrong. Don't do it." But they didn't got about it that way at all, they gave reasons that referred someone back to God, Whose body is it anyways? How do marks signify a claim of ownership? Are you willing to submit, not to the standards or weaknesses of stuffy people, but to the calling of God? Wow. A brain wave. (as C. S. Lewis put it) Then, if that wasn't enough they added that they'd go really far with someone who was trying to seek God, they wouldn't dream of shutting out His grace to someone who made a mistake or who just wasn't to a place where they could see a fault yet.

Well, more later. Tootles!

viernes, enero 07, 2005

The pea speaks

Wow, apparently I'm in this whole new year with a blog of my own. I'll be frank with all you legumes and say that I created this blog to be able to find my big bro's and mom's blogs but heh, I might just post myself! Who knows how God could use such a thing in the future (although I might have to change the name someday!).

47th pea