miércoles, septiembre 27, 2006

Cop out

I had thought it all out and come to my conclusion - no more of this one post a month nonsense. No more mucking about (as our good pastor would say) on the fringe of blog existence. Out, out brief candle of a blog! I'm finished! Through! Washed up! This post was to be my last huzzah, my final blow, my big goodbye...

::snort:: So much for that.

Rather than soliloquize about departed bloggers sailing away on honeyed seas (well, you never know!), I’d rather do something more prosaic – tell you what’s up with me on a Wednesday.

So really quick

Church! Ah, things have been going jollyo at Airdrie RP Church. The big things, by God’s grace, have been in place from the start – our souls are being fed from the word, our lives enriched by warm and lively fellowship. But now specific ministries are starting to surface that makes one feel a part of the body as well. Dad now works there in his wee office every week day. We girls have been rotated into the nursery watch (they call it crèche over here, a confusingly Europeanish word that rhymes with mesh). I’ve had the opportunity to come along on the housebound visitation a couple of times – a wonderful program where we visit members of the church who are no longer able to leave their homes or nursing homes. Just things like this to be doing in the Lord's kingdom.

Class! A paragraph typed yesterday:
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, today marks the first day of good to honest class in U of G. I got a magnificent send off breakfast taco (for those of you who might stay at home during a year or so of college, know that having full Mom support in both breakfast and supper is great – basically you don’t have to do them!!!) Today’s little secret is that my one Tuesday lecture isn’t really on until next week, so I don’t actually have to do anything while on campus. Oh well, I’ll just start class tomorrow :P

Yup, it was true. My class line-up for now is:

M, W, F 10 am - Scottish Literature 3A
M,T,Th,F 2 pm – Spanish 2
M, W 4 pm – Theatre Studies 1

During this first week, this is subject to change (ha!) and seminars are a whole other story for another post, but suffice it to say that despite the small number of courses I'm going to have a pretty full plate this semester!

Work! Looking for it. Not liking applying for it. Am wondering whether it’ll work with classes and travel and church/family/friend commitments. 'Nuf said.

Kids! In church, all of the Bible studies and children’s clubs have gotten started for the year, and Amy and I found ourselves drafted into the 6/20 club (name taken from Deut 6:20 I think, hmm). This is a games and ministry night for kids in the community (most of them unchurched) of about 8-15 years old. Amy and I got put into the games department so we have the privilege of shouting at the top of our voices for about 20 minutes at the beginning of the evening! But it’s surprisingly fun work, and it’s genuinely exiting to be doing this for the kingdom of God.

Weird Italian dudes staring into computers and anxiously pressing their fingers to their mouths! Yes indeedy. There’s one beside me and one behind me. Only in Glasgow, people. This post was a cop out swan song, so we've escaped for today, until tomorrow, and to-morrow, and tomorro creaps in again.