sábado, febrero 20, 2010

new day

Hello world, it's Saturday! And let me tell you, if you ever have the chance to wake up to adorable kids and eat a breakfast of hot french toast and coffee...

take it!

viernes, febrero 19, 2010

to be perfectly honest

I wish that we lived in a society where juice was free.

It's such wonderful stuff, can't it be something that anyone can enjoy any time?

ahh, juice...

Isn't it the bomb?!

miércoles, febrero 17, 2010


God is so good.

martes, febrero 09, 2010


Well, I figure peeps haven't really commented since 2009 (I know you're out there you secret readers!) then I'll just up and put something


a shark vs. octopus fight.


domingo, febrero 07, 2010

culture gap

In grad group we've been reading an insightful book called Culture Making that exhorts us to not just react to "the Culture" (whatever that is) but to be willing to make culture ourselves, everything from sugar cookies to symphonies to, yes, student papers about pot holes. The book even has a website where readers can join the discussion and where writers dig up videos such as this one, exemplifying the fact that, well, some new culture takes a little while to get used to.