lunes, abril 27, 2009

I met these lovely friends

while on a walk

and couldn't help but share them with the rest of the world!

And if you thought that simple violets were enough for enchantment and allure (I sure did!) imagine my surprise when these exquisite specimens caught my eye!

Can you say :-O ?!

This time of year as I pass by swaths of violets or luscious green turf, I can't help thinking over and over again,
Man, when God "so clothes the grass" (Matt 6:30) He
really clothes grass!!!

miércoles, abril 22, 2009

she lives!

And blogs about it too, on occasion!

So yea, a dirth in the virtual world usually means happenings in the real world (or at least my much-too-laziness in the area of blogging). But now here I sit, defying a mountain of glaring dishes to pause and update you about my life... soooo good of me! ;P

It's been a while since a blog of any actually content so to backtrack a little:

1) Yes, I am really and truly going to Purdue this fall! Today they wrote me a big important email requesting my official acceptance and registration and all that (and a lot of other less exciting paper work). But hey! It's a big step into... uh, the future! So here goes!

2) I had a rather fabulous weekend at the OY conference this weekend. Listening to the conference talks and applying them in evangelism would've made the weekend by themselves. But add to that working with a dear friend as co-cook (where we got to design pizzas - haHA!), staying up 'til stupid-o'clock for wonderful fellowship, and being broadsided by how simple it is to share the gospel sometimes, and how much I need to be sharing it... what a wonderful time it was!!

Even when after this lovely time, the week just seemed to continue in loveliness. I got to go ice skating for the second time ever and closely acquainted myself with several good ways in which to contact the ground... :P But it was a blast and good exercise too and it made me ponder the possibilities of a Texan really being able to propel themselves forward on a frozen surface.
So yea, somehow the beginning of the week crept up on me again, and I'm launched into subbing to do, emails to send, and dishes (still!) to wash. And on top of the list of normal to-do's there's helping 'bridesmaid' in two weddings, and preparing for the fast approaching Israel trip (have I told y'all that I'm going on a mission trip to Israel??? I should've worked that in somewhere...).

But somehow this week I've just looked around and saw within the responsibilities what I should see all the time - loads, piles, and mountains of blessing.

Oh Lord, I have it so good... may it all point me back to You.

and spring is here

and cabbage feels springy along with it...

martes, abril 14, 2009

change of color

So I'd like to announce a change of color, or perhaps just a fresh theme, something new to go with the old.

So on top of the pervasive red that has floated before my eyes for four years...
I will be seeing black and gold this fall

along with gathering skills that enable me to... make... boilers???

catch ya in the neighborhood

sábado, abril 11, 2009

Did Rachel die during the tax year 2008?

why no... she did not!

I thought it was great that I had gone through half of the tax form before I got to this question... go figure. But it's kindof nice for the state of Indiana to ask all the same. The cold-hearted federal tax form never bothered, if memory served. As I see it, if you don't get much of a return and you have to do your taxes anyways, you might as well enjoy some of the thought flow of a tax form as you go through it:

Hey you, what's your Name?!
School District of Residence!¡!¡
oh yeah...
are you dead by any chance??

Mmm, not yet, praise God.
Life... it is good.

miércoles, abril 08, 2009


So here I sit, and it's magically past one... again. Oh for the days when I had the excuse of school for such shenanigans....

I actually don't miss being in school at all!

sábado, abril 04, 2009


one play
mucho Starbucks
five monsters
three parks
lots of dishes
two puppy walks
a Gothic chapel
and several card games later...

man was it a good week!