viernes, diciembre 30, 2005


Yup ladies and gentlemen, I did not perish in Northwestern Airlines but I am writing from sunny Arizona on the RP missions trip! What a blast!

I really don't have much time (the excellent Mexican food at Pancho's awaits us), but we've been doing great. Well, all of the girls who got to paint are fine, somehow still not overpowered by fumes in Pastor Maginn's office. I'm not sure that I can say as much for the guys who spent a day and a half wresting Bubba the Stump from the earth (we kindly named him for them). They ended up sawing him down and burying his remaining tentacles under the clay.

Oh, and if you get to this post soon enough, please pray for Ginny and Becky who have withstood a fiasco on the part of Delta. Lord willing, and that's what we have to keep reminding ourselves that they're back in Georgia because of His will, they will be joining us late this evening, a whopping 24 hours later than they were supposed to!!! Yup, very trying but we'll be all the more joyful when they can join us at last.

Gotta Jet! Do keep the rest of us in your prayers as well, we've had evangelism hot on the brain since getting here and our training program begins on Saturday so pray that we will have hearts to hear and learn.

miércoles, diciembre 14, 2005

Taggeth was I

Ok, so I was trying to think of an original opener and it don't always pan. I at least have the privilege of being the first to continue Jordan's detestable tag just to get the thing over with!!

Five weird habits:

1. Eat Sun Chips only when I'm talking on the telephone, and then in frightful amounts.

2. Walk along a curb with one of my feet on the curb and one street below giving a hyper-giraffe sort of effect.

3. Drive slowly when I'm in an absolute time crunch and run around the house when I have nothing much to do.

4. Suck my teeth. You know, like what Samwise did.

5. Drink 3 - 4 cups of herb tea a day (of the same cranberry apple flavor).

Grr, could you tell that I was running out of idears before I started?!

And for my six victims I elect Ginny, James, Christopher, Mom, Jamey, and Nirmala (goodness, exhausted my list of blogger friends eh?)

Those unfortunates who have received this nomination must now post five quirky (no pun intended) habits of their own and chose six of their own pray. They must warn aforementioned pray in a comment on their blog and send them back to their own post for directions.

A free woman

Free to sleep past seven.

Free to make breakfast (though I did quite a bit of that during the school year too!).

Free to read John Warburton.

Free to run all of the laundry in the house.

Free to go shopping at 10 p.m. with my mom.

Free to read the bible study chapter more thuroughly.

Free to pack, it's a very good thing too.

Free to have a clean freak mind.

Free to lose it occationaly too.

Free to blog (whoda thought!).

Yes, and free to wipe out my links tab with another template change.

Wanna know what I've been doing these past three days?

Livin' the freedom.

Thank you, Lord!!

martes, diciembre 06, 2005

I'm alive

But cold.

See you after Monday when my finals are over.