jueves, febrero 23, 2006

The spice of life.

This is me.

Right now.

And thats my eye.

Your candid Cabbage for the day.

sábado, febrero 18, 2006

Oh dear, we post at last

Many appologies to Granny, I lifted most of this post from a letter to her, but hey Granny I got it to you first!

Actually I’ve been so lazy that I’ve been trying to write y’all something for a few days now. So you’re getting an uncouth conglomeration composed over a span of 26 hours. Cheezió!

Feb 16, 10:52 p.m.

I had a great time at the Lafayette RPC last Sunday night. I had been wanting to go to a Fireside Chat and Jims and I just went to the evening service and made a night of it. Very comforting times. We had a challenging word from Pastor Olivetti and then a short chat time with Pastor Long on names and changing names (good thinking material). And then we had a testimony from the president of the seminary that was remarkable. Here was the chap that you thought’d be the ultimate have-your-life-together-all-along-dude and yet he struggled for many years against a heaviness of spirit.

And yes, the news on Mom’s blog is true. The University of Glasgow accepted me for a year of study abroad.


But now I have miles to go before I sleep (figuratively, that is, I’m gonna hit the hay pretty soon!). Even with all of the bountiful financial aid that God has given me through IU I think that this operation will take some scholarships to keep it afloat so it is my sole duty to hunt these tricksy pray out and stun them with a well aimed essay.

Valentine’s day wasn’t terribly magical but the weather was thankfully very balmy and we did get out of Lit 297 half an hour early. Qué romántico, ¿no?


Feb 17 8:56 a.m.

Back to the U of Glasgow :o) Mom's the one who stops me from time to time and says, "Now Canny, you have to stop and think about how cool this is - you are going to go to college overseas (DV - Deo Volente, God willing)! In Scotland! At the University of Glasgow!!" Yes she's right, it's pretty cool. This is an old one too - I think that it's 29 on the list of oldest universities on the planet, 4 on the list of oldest UK colleges, and 2 on the list of oldest Scottish universities (only St. Andrews is older).

Here's a link of a few pictures of the campus. Pretty, ain't it?

We're very glad to have Josh back. He only got a bit of sleep last night because his body is still on Johannesburg time and it was early morning there. He showed us his souvenirs: a soccer jersey and some flip flops that were a size to big (we likened them to miniature observation decks). Wonderful to have him back in the house.

Not much going on today, Dad's over at the church building, participating in a men's work day, and Amy and I are going to go to a stamping party this afternoon. I believe our main activity will be fixing up cards with rubber stamps and ink pads, just a nice way to spend a few hours with some girls. Mom's hanging around Josh :o) and making a Latin test. Ben's been sleeping and now is probably eating breakfast (“Oh to be young again and have ten toes!”).



The party was nice, I can always make further steps in the social front. The really awesome thing was driving back with Amy when the iffy day had finally panned out into a very gentle evening. Golden sun on mown fields foreshadowed a beautiful spring to come, and oh, the green & chi tee latte at Joe Muggs was most wonderful. The joys of being neo hippy. :P

Then, wonder of wonders, we came home to piping hot pizza, and now I very full and my breath is rather garlicy (ew, we wanted to know?! say the readers). Weekends are good.

Post Scriptum
A free burger to anyone who can guess without the aid of internet where that very obscure quote is from, a couple of paragraphs up. Seriously.

Anyone except James, that is.

sábado, febrero 11, 2006


Al Einstine, your alter ego is a Relaxed driver

For you, life is to be enjoyed, not fussed over. Sure, you know things can't always be the way you want them to be, which is why you sometimes get frazzled in the rush and push of daily life. But you know when that happens, you need only hop in your car, turn up your favorite CD, hit the one-lane street out to your favorite beach, or the major road into the city.

That's right, when the going gets tough on the road of life, you pull over and take a breather. Well, figuratively speaking, anyway. You're a Zen master of the road. You're the type to exchange smiles instead of sneers with fellow motorists, and let cars hop in front of you at an intersection instead of succumbing to road rage like those less enlightened. That's because you're more interested in gazing at the setting sun through a rearview mirror, watching dust-blue dusk fall on the city through your windshield, or wondering at the constellations shimmering in the wide-open skies above.

Ah, tickle tests.