sábado, enero 28, 2006

Matters of music and marching meter

After the wild success of my Hrothgar post I was tempted to just put out a series entitled Unferth, Higlac, Offa, and (my personal favorite) Wiglaf. Unfortunately, the great outcries against such treasured household names gave me pause, wary lest my neck should be cloven with an ancient enchanted sword. And so I’ve reverted to the droll habit of reporting on real life.

Last semester’s cool busyness has been replaced by the insane downward crash of full time schoolhood, and daughterhood, and part time musicianhood and workhood (not to mention sister- and friendhood, which are different demands entirely!). I am happy to report that I *love* all of my classes (Lit, Lit, Speech, Spanish, Newspaper) save one – never was a public speaker – and so even though I spend all day stringing sentences together their various natures keep up a wonderful diversity

Speaking of wonderful. The Jones household partook in yet another high school orchestra concert today, featuring Mr. Ben and Miss Amy. Actually attending a youth concert is a new experience for me I guess I was the one who started playing in string orchestras 8+ years ago, but this time, due to the demands of all the other hoods I sat out! Mr. Christiansen, the conductor, is a very good song-pickerouter. This year the youth played a Hayden peace, Bizet’s Carment (the string version, not the tragical, extravagant opera!), and mmmm Beethoven’s Prometheus overture. It’s very hard to top the Egmont overture, which we played last semester but this one’s pretty good.

Go to concerts thou burdened bookworm of blogger baloney! Thou wilt find that thy weary wit will be well watered with worthy waves!

Oop, that’s the inner Hrothgar coming out again, better wrap up the post before my marching meter makes some mongrel meditate munching my mead-hall!

Ok, just to set eeeeeveryone straight on my views of mead, I can assure you that it was mearly a culture reference. Anyone who ever catches me drinking sick rotted honey that would knock a thane over can have my next lunch!

viernes, enero 20, 2006


All praise be to God, Josh made it safely to South Africa for his four week stay at an archeological dig. Of course you can continue to pray for his safety way out in the mountains, but it’s a great comfort to know that he survived Chicago, London, and Johannesburg! You can also pray that the Lord would use this trip to confirm His will in Josh’s life, as a career in archeology or paleontology are possibilities in Josh’s future. And it’s nice to think, the God that brought him 9800 miles (one way!) can also direct his career steps.

On a Phoenix note, see the fine posts of Ginny, and Laura for some pictures of our trip to AZ.

And ::sigh:: I got on the computer armed, as my loverly mom put it, with all my good intentions for a full post. ‘Fraid you guys got bumped out by emails to Dr. McLean and searches for Mr. Mosley. Gotta get that time in for the profs!

Better luck next time, swabbies!

oh, and it's a commonly known fact among privileged Literature students: if you can't think of a blog title, insert a character from Beowulf and your audience will be satisfactorily corn-fused.

lunes, enero 16, 2006


CYA Winter conference.


jueves, enero 12, 2006

Oh, and I owe you for that thing with that guy in that place…

Yes, I’ve been watching movies again. This particular quote expresses the haze that I’ve felt about school assignments since coming back to school. These professor people, I know that they wanted me to do something at some point and turn it in on some day, but who can remember such things over quirky sleep patterns?

And, unfortunately, my patterns don’t have such a bright future this weekend. Mañana* Josh and I have the privilege of attending the Covenanter Young Adult Winter Conference, the RP college student event of the year. It is a four day, three night conference where a guest speaker delivers a series of talks throughout the weekend and students also attend workshops on Saturday given by various RP pastors. As far as learning and fellowship, this is a wonderful time - we laugh and talk, ‘til the wee smahs (sp?). But as you can imagine, this is rather detrimental to any form of rest except at odd hours of the afternoon.

But what else? Oh yes, the Phoenix trip was a blast. I actually got homesick for it even while in the airport! The saints of First RPC of Phoenix were amazing, I’m sure that the rest of the team would agree with me when I say that they totally make Phoenix a home to us because they gave us their homes. The family that Ginny, Emily, Ed, and I stayed with, the Borgs, was simply fantastic. Mrs. Borg was our mom-away-from-mom. She made us hot breakfasts, got us packed us lunch sacks with smiley faces on them, even got us post cards and stamps while running errands.

As fun as our many adventures were, for me the preeminent part of the trip was the time that we spent talking together. Time with my teammates, just hearing what they think on the big issues, listening to their stories from around the globe, laughing at their jests and retorts. Time with the church leadership, asking Pastor Maginn and Mr. Reyburn our questions, it was all priceless.

Did I learn anything about evangelism? I don’t think it’s a cop out to say that only time will tell. Out in a strange state with folk that I’ll never see again, I could speak to anyone. Here the familiarity of a very small college is only too intimidating to my pride. If I open my mouth about Christ to that chap or this gal, chances are I’ll pass them again on Tuesday and wonder what they think of me. We warned one another time and again out there that it would be hard to continue opening our mouths as the Lord gives opportunity. Now I’m already tempted to “ease” myself back into society, to get going to school for a few weeks before I jump out with any actual words to anybody. Go away, silly old self. A piece of wisdom really stuck when someone turned to me and said, “It’s our foolish pride that says that we can live Christian lives, present the gospel, and still have everyone like us. Christ Jesus was the most perfect [the most truly loving] man on earth and people hated him – went out of their way to get rid of Him.”

Yup, I had lots of stuff to think of out there! Be praying that the students (all 70, or 80 of us!) will have quite, open hearts to hear the word of the Lord. Oh and pray for the students who will work in the kitchen, the gallant ladies of the church, and all of the speakers – all we have to do is listen, these people have to prepare the food!

*tomorrow, oh thou questioning soul

lunes, enero 02, 2006

The week begins again

Again, don't have much time (if you were to choose between breakfast and a bigger post what would you do?). Pastor Maginn of First RP Church of Phoenix preached a fine sermon and really encouraged all of us to go ahead and work on our New Years resolutions, but to make a commitment to read God's law in the 10 Commandments and realize that that is our resolution to obey him. Something good to think about.

There was a happy conclusion to the Ginny/Becky story. It turned out that I was misinformed Friday evening, and shortly after that post we were able to meet with them at Pancho's for a lummy feast. We're all just thankful that they can be here.

The cool, luscious, fresh-off-the-tree grapefruit are calling me, blessings to you in your new week!