martes, marzo 29, 2005

Uh, school???

Gosh I'm hungry today. I had my dear friend Ginny over (who happens to love to eat, how nice!) and we had a blast talking, snoozing, and... eating!! Now it's 11:00 on a Tuesday morning and yeah, I have to get back to real life. I have a report to cover for which I leave in 25 minutes, the peeps running for IUK Student senate are having a debate (say "Public Forum" and you'll sound a lot nicer though) the day before the actual ballot casting and all. Yup, 13 people running for 9 places, this should be cool, I never paid attention to our Student Gov before but hey, it's interesting now.

Ginny plays the harp, can you imagine!! She got it out for me and Benny last night (Amy very kindly went to work herself) and then when mom and Amy got home she played for them again. Guess what Dad said when he saw me this morning.. yess! I got to hear Ginny a third time, this is so cool.

Poor Ginny is going to the Concentration Camp (read her xanga for more ::points to link::). It sounds like she really likes it, and it'll be the intensity she needs to make progress in her school, but my dear, they don't serve dessert there!!!!

I sent Ginny some cookies for the long, long six weeks she has before her. You guys be praying for her stamina and grace in general!!


P.S. Who ever heard of reporting on the "Geology Club"? Expecially when it has one member!!! Whatever dude, this is where you learn to be a flexable writer. I guess.

hasta la eternidad...

jueves, marzo 24, 2005

A post for Jordan

hey, this is chuck, what a day i had today, thanks for reading, kbye.

In other words (or in personal application), I am trying to register for classes and it isn't going so well. I got transferred to an answering machine instead of the live person that the help desk was trying to get, I was then transferred to the general attendant, who in turn flew me over to registrar over a very fuzzy connection. The joys of phone call.

P.S. I have very bad onion breath. My chewing gum says that it whitens my teeth when I only really want to cover up the onions. Oh, and did I mention that I need 300+ words of an essay to flow from my head to a paper within a couple of hours and that I have to buy a birthday card for my friend.
Thank you for listening to this lengthy, coherent, and purposeful post.

~La luna

viernes, marzo 18, 2005

Testing, testing, one, thirty two, three

Ok, just to take up space and be cheesy, I went and took some of those pointless little tests that tell you all sorts of fascinating things about yourself. Here you can read about my future, supposed past, and mental age. The italics on top are my thoughts. Enjoy.

Morbid curiosity takes a new meaning
What Age Will You Die?
You Will Die at Age 79
79 You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...And how you'll die as well.

Yogurt, the color brown, and bongo's baby!
What Year Do You Belong In?
You Belong in 1964
1964 If you scored...!1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

What Age Do You Act?
You Are 14 Years Old
13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

Lol! Amy just took this one and got a slightly different score!

You Are 29 Years Old
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

Oh well...

lunes, marzo 14, 2005

Let the studio begin

Erg. Haven't blogged in a long time. Wait, that sounds like it'd be the starter for all of my blogs ::checks:: Yup I've said it almost exactly once before. Let's think of something more heppy.

Hello my patient and kindhearted friends. I had a nice breakfast this morning. I slept later than normal today (almost two hours). It's 8:30 and I don't have to do school. Aren't these nice and loverly things to think about??

Ok, on the normal life side, we still have to go to music lessons, which means it might be nice to warm up sometime this morning before we leave. I'd better get started on my catch up in Chemistry class work ('cause this chapter on Biochem carbohydrates is awful long).

And, for all of you following the progression of my graduation rites with fascination and amusement, (heh all of those people) today has been appointed the "Take Formal Interior Pictures of Cabbage Day". We took some good senior pics of me down in Texas over Christmas break. But you know the one of you in front of a gray backdrop with fur around your shoulders (guys, modify accordingly)? Well, today's the day for those. Except, fur. No fur. I don't like fur.
(need I say that there's too much on my head as it is???) :P

So this photo shoot will be done by a family friend who's got a nice camera and knows things about lighting and all that good jive. We'll get home from music and I'll have two hours with which to beautify myself and pick out wardrobe and backgrounds and poses, and... all the rest. As Jack (C.S.) Lewis said "Whatever girls talk about when they talk about such things:" Then, Mr. Dinkledine will arrive, he and mom will talk about me as if I weren't there, I'll turn my chin up so, and hold my hand thus until I'm tired and trembly all over and my fading smile will be posted to you all (or ::wonders about Evan:: to you most anywho) on a loverly post card.

But, on a small gain, I also get to skip ensemble, which granted, I love and is a good influence/opportunity etc. But I just like not having to leave the house. Go figure.

Ok, I feel like I've bored you to tears with all this. Better check back another day when I'm trying to clean my closet or something, now that's an adventure. Buried treasure...

lunes, marzo 07, 2005

A day of real life

Had a lesson w/ Pam today, she was in a chatty mood :o(. Little violino, much discourse on her dogs and bird feeders. >:P

Also stopped by the golden arches on the way home, and ate pretzels and skittles. Felling superlatively healthy at this moment.

Something important I learned today, just one of those moments of self discovery (please don't get offended, Mom!) I really do prefer chocolate candy over any other kind of candy all the time. I must confess that I saw those little sugar blobs of skittles, and my heart cried for the dark calling of chocolate.

Mom says that we've gotta leave early for ensemble. Hmm, less time to blog.
Amy's having a friend over tonight. The two hour cleaning block of cleaning the rescue mission goes to me. Real life sinks in.

I'm behind on my homeschool. Chemistry has to take back it's place, and that's so weird cause I'm actually liking it so much, doing well, and also I'm getting to lazy to try to structure my life. It's a lot easier to do two things well than four. Viva the geometry and rhetoric!

Well, I wanna end with something positive...

::thinking:: any help? ...

martes, marzo 01, 2005

Abundant Provision

Hola chaps. Typed this up last night but just couldn't get around to posting it, guess you'll have to be content with old news. Oh and everyone who's expecting a long and glorious email from me, look down at the part about mid terms and just harbor low expectations for this week.







It all happened so fast!!! Yesterday, Dad told me and Amy about an opportunity that came up at the Kokomo Rescue Mission (where he works as the night chaplain) for a cleaning job. Seems that they needed a cleaner for two hours every week night in the offices where all the manager/boss/accountant/chaplain type people are. Simple cleaning, flexible hours, steady pay every single week!!! Well, today when we got back from our string ensemble practice, Dad's voice was on the answering machine. And a couple of calls later we were set up for an interview for forty minutes later at 7!!! We (or at least I) ran around the house like a madman, only to landed at the mission on key, and land a job as cleaners.


Yeah, and the best part is that my esteemed assistant, Mr. Amy James, gets to come in, and take part of the load whenever we want, and we just part the funds. So if she or I is having a heavy night (or even week) the other can cover for a few days and there we have it. One of the big points that I've left out is that we have been praying about this for several weeks. And God answered in a gracious and loving way when me and Amy had kindof began to forget and set it aside. We will now have nice spending money, be able to save up very well for big things, and be in a safe, nice place four blocks from home and literally a stone's throw (if stones could go around hall corners) from where Dad will be sitting, every night we are there. Great huh? Abundantly more than we could possible ask or think.

Wow, and I was going to have other "big news" that this just blew out of the water. Well, maybe those who know me (and my head) really well, will get the earthshakingness of this next statement. I got my hair cut. everybody squeak!!!! Yup on Saturday night, I had a good (experienced) friend over, and after poking at pictures, and waving our arms, she sat me in a chair and started whacking our layers. No I did not get it bobbed so short so as to fully clear my shoulders (c'mon guys, this is me!). But let me just say that all my girlfriends who saw me the next day immediately gave me a hug and gushed. ::Girly hair moment!!::

Ok Guys, you can come back now, in fact this next more sobering hair observation is for you. We were in our room just afterward with Amy's bulletin board full of pics of friends and LOTR characters. The friend I had looked up, pointed to Boromir and said, "Look! Lord of the Rings hair!!" It was appallingly true, at that moment, except for the enviable beard (ra-THER) my locks resembled those of the mighty warrior of Gondor. Now, blow dried and smoothed, they resemble much less, but I fear that the thought will haunt me for some time to come...

In other, "minor" news, I have at least one Mid Term this week and two other tests/Mid terms due within a week of today. ::looks at watch:: Yeah, and I've already extended my 8.43 minutes of non-eating/non-sleeping time. You can be praying for me.

Big news of tomorrow: It's gonna be March first ::cough:: . Tomorrow is the first of March ::cough cough::, and Mom ::cough cough cough:: hasn't had a birthday in quite a while. Ok, those of you who need to find birthday e-cards know your mission.

Well, that's all toots.

Hasta... post mid term life.