viernes, diciembre 29, 2006

Head surfacing after… stuff

I’m sure that moving and the holidays and setting up a house could have a better name than stuff. But from a blog’s point of view (poor little blog) everything that keeps the blogger away is just non-blogging stuff. So tonight, stuff be gone!

Having said that, hope that my friend Karen doesn’t mind if I steal from my letter to her to post. :P

We’re settling in to Kokomo just fine. One of the greatest uncertainties about coming back was a job for dad, and after a prayerful wait of a couple of weeks, the Lord very mercifully gave Dad his old job at the Rescue Mission back, so we’re rejoicing over that!! As for the rent house that we found while in Scotland – we really like it! We’ve been moved in for a week now (just in time to get some crazy Christmasations up and swoop on some gifts from Target!). We have been busy setting things up in kitchen and bedrooms and yard, even raking up the winter leaves has been fun (it let me meet the neighbors’ rottweiler across the fence, whew!).

Does it feel as if we never left? Hmm, I guess that one gets a traditional yes and no. Yes the crackers in Kroger are just where we let them (and there was great rejoicing), and Mom and Dad, who drove in Scotland, have marvelously switched right back into driving on the right over here. I’m actually the one who keeps trying to get into the wrong side of the car, I think I got more set in my ways than I realized! Other things I think will just take a little more time, I’ll have to weed out the word ‘trousers’ in favor of ‘pants,’ which makes me feel like I’m saying ‘underwear’ now!

Anywho, the Lord has brought so many numerous things together that we couldn’t have, every day wakes with more blessings, we feel that the Lord has brought us in His own time to the place He wants us to be, and we want it too.

martes, diciembre 26, 2006



a day late.

Life is good.

Kokomo is good.

Eggnog is good.

And God is good.

Ain't it so?!