martes, agosto 30, 2005

Something told the wild cabbage that it was time for school...

In the early 1900's Rachel Field wrote:

"Something told the wild geese
It was time to go;
Though the fields lay golden
Something whispered, -- "snow".

Leaves were green and stirring,
Berries, luster-glossed,
But beneath warm feathers
Something cautioned, -- "frost".

All the sagging orchards
Steamed with amber spice,
But each wild breast stiffened
At remembered ice.

Something told the wild geese
It was time to fly --
Summer sun was on their wings,
Winter in their cry.

This is definitely a more applicable poem when one reads it in Indiana. I heard wild Canadian geese today somewhere in the deliciously overclouded sky, and we’ve even noticed the nip in the air and a yellowing in the leaves. Fall is coming!!! (And hey, this poem’s been one of my favorites for many years, so I thought I'd make you read it heh.)

::watches as blog readers begin to glaze over::

So it’s a children’s poem.

So it is my secret and evil design to take up more room with this blog.

You have a problem with that?!

::sigh:: The other thing which that delicious cool hearalds is class. I’ve gotten my first full week under my belt, ah hem, and since this earns me all the privileges of a seasoned scholar, you can just call me Dr. Jones from henceforth! Actually what you’ll probably be calling me after this is Miss Tardy Blogger since I must now bow before both editor and professor in my time.

And so since I must spend all of my time getting to know these people, anyone who’s interested can learn a bit of the teacher lineup for this semester:

Barbara Greer (Sapanish) – She’s easier than last year’s profesora, let me tell you that! I appreciate that though she’s teaching a second year course she still speaks very slowly and is more concerned with concepts than exact replication. At least at the beginning of the semester that is! I do regret that the only description I can give of her is that she resembles Edna Mole, without the glasses and 60’s dressmaker attitude.

Donna McLean (Journalism) – Well she’s really the faculty advisor for the paper, so I’ve never sat down to hear her lecture before. She a helps us editors to avoid some militant one-sided-ness, she encourages us to take up an idea and go with it, she just brings adult poise into the office.

John Rudy (Literature) – late 60’s or early 70’s, thin and sardonic, calls himself a Brad Pitt look alike out of sheer delight for irony. Earlier today I was given some friendly advice by a student who’d taken from him before. “If you wanna do well with Rudy, in your papers be really sarcastic and really well researched.” Figures somehow. It remains to be seen where a cabbage can take such a task, but I have to admit this dude’s got a ton of literary knowledge to recommend him.

Suzanne Carey (Writing/Research Papers) – incredible that I should get a writing teacher with that name, and I must confess that I was a bit more inclined to like her from the start. :o) She’s elderly, talks ve-ry dis-tinct-ly, and spoke at fond length over her two puppy dogs. But she’s quite well read and isn’t afraid to handle the gritty topics that come in research materials such as Hemingway. She’s teaching muchos freshmons so the talks on How to be a Good Writer, My Dears are a wee bit unnecessary for me, but the class will be a great prep for the research papers types (MLA APA) that I’ll need to use these next few years.

Debbie Jones (Computer) I’ve only seen her once: she talks, we listen, we click. Good system. I’m quite pleased that the class only has four lectures and a test, but that means that I shan’t see much at all of Mrs. Jones.

Loverly, aint they?

lunes, agosto 22, 2005

And what does Cabbage do this morning?

Today I:

Drop my sibs off at the church building for a work weekend

Hop over to the bank for a major new deposit

Eat eggs (not my fav dining luxury)

Was there something else??

Oh yeah, meet with me academic adviser about becoming queen of the world just because I got a scholarship... hmm would I have to eat eggs?

Oh, and start my first day as full time college student, yeup that's what it was...

miércoles, agosto 17, 2005

Servanthood, spanish, and sponge cake

Wow, five more days until I officially start college. Does this mean I'm a big girl now? No, I'm afraid that it doesn't, in fact I'm feeling smaller and smaller by the day (but that's another research topic for another time!). I miss my bro. Didn't think that I'd re-get to know him like I did this summer, and I thought that when he left I'd be coolio and nothing would be missing, but that's what you get for thinking, I guess. Guys out there in the world, you do have an ineffable input that we gals can't get anywhere else.

But looking ahead after these next five days, I'm ready and charged to be back at school (yup, IU Kokomo too!). I'll be taking five classes this semester (six if you count the lab for the computer class, which I don't).

Spanish 203 (2nd Year Spanish) 1-2:15 pm Mon, Wed
English Lit 202 (Literary Interpritation) 4-5:15 pm Mon, Wed
English Writing 132 (Elementary Comp 2) 8:30-9:45 am Tue, Thurs
Computer Science 100 (Computing Tools, Ha!) Lecture & Lab 8:30-11:15 am Fri
Journalism 290 (Internship in Journalism) ... all the time.

On that last one says "internship" but it really means: become a public servant through working on The Correspondent. And although we don't have an official class period we do have meetings twice a week and articles to work on basically always. It do pay a mite, (only a mite) - the real plus is the experience in working with the team (us against the uninformed world, baby!), of both writing your articles and proofing all of your minions's articles, of trying your hand at faculty profiles or cd reviews or hard news. Yeah that'll be a big, lovely hunk, fun. Hmm. But all that is nothing, my love, compared to the real task of being an entertainment editor when you're real desire is to bring intelligence, culture, and Christianity to the paper. This is for real, and may prove to be a very difficult balancing act, that or a very easy compromise. Y'all pray for me that God would mercifully give me the discretion (and diligence) to stick to this position and be a clear light for Christ to shine through.

Spanish is gonna be cool, again. :o) I'm excited to be taking it with my one good friend that I have at IUK. We took the same Spanish class my first semester and Providentially got the same Spanish classes both last semester and this. Erin's been a real gem for me, because as many nice people as there are in the world (even some very kind mature Christians whom you really agree with), you still find only so many that you just click with. Erin and I clicked our first semester, and we've been just hanging out when we could during school and summer. Her fiancee is an awesome chap, a bit random and concentrated ("you can see the wildness in his eyes, he kindof goes 'click!'"), but very very nice. You'll just have to experience Chad yourself to know what I mean. Anywho, these two have been solid friends to have - they've gotten me out and around some, they're still in college but they're also just a bit older than I am and are looking towards their adult life like... little adults.

Did all that seem to make sense? Have relevance? No? Well here's something that's very relevant and exciting. James of very Jamses is going to have a party ("but a party on a summers day... well!") this weekend, down down in Indi and it is going to be THE COOLEST. I can't spill all the beans but she is The Ultimate Wizardess of Party Planning and this latest installation (don't you heave when critics call movies that? "The latest Tela Tubie installation is just ripping!" ug) as I was saying this latest investiture shall methinks show the hight of her powers. Ahh all those poofy pink decorations and white sponge cake... Wait, that was my birthday.

Evil Pumpkins


This is a real post. This is a real post.

martes, agosto 09, 2005

More Headlines


I had such a cool blog in my head this morning, but I couldn't possibly get near a computer: I was having to take a shower, spend an hour giving a violin lesson to a gal at our church, then play dollies with her little sisters. Cool things, don't get me wrong, but very unconducive to blogging. Now, I have exatly 58 minutes to impress all you peeps with my wordsy flair (ha!), practice me violino, write something to impress my Editor in Chief with my wordsy flair (hahahaha!!!), and go online and see if I can buy some of my books cheeper then $158,568 (the bookstore price). See how much I go through to get to you guys?

So what's up in the world? Well, was glad to hear that the Discovery is on solid ground again, as of late last night/early this morning/whenever ( Since the previous shuttle flight so greatly affected the area that we were living in, I suppose that some of the residents of East Texas took to heart NASA's plans with the whole shuttle program. We had to deal with the tragedy while it was literally falling all around us, but I personally felt that I really wanted them to get up on the horse again and continue with exploration and progress. I was pretty pumped to hear that they'd gone through with their promises and launched another flight (although heavily modified with extra scanners of course), but to have Discovery back with no loss of life was a real mercy of God.

On another tangent, Josh and I will (DV) be attending our last college Bible study tonight. ::sniffle sniffle:: Yeah, it's been the coolest to 1) have something to look forward to every week, 2) have a constant informal setting of interacting with PEOPLE MY OWN AGE ah hem, 3) (and probably the most long term impact) have another means of grace in my life - a group of people expounding the Scriptures from their own lives. Take it when you can get it, folks, because it can be a really neat thing.

Oh, and such superlative grammatical expresssions as "very unconducive" and "a really neat thing" are the direct result of wating 'til this late hour of the morning ;D to do my blogging. Take a lesson, my children, and write early in the day when you can make sense. Sabe?

On that same subject, my loverly brother Josh is going to leave me this Saturday. Do you ever miss someone before they've even started packing? ::looks around:: No? Oh, well I do.
Had my first real fender bender today (I knew it was coming) but it was so very mild that all you can tell for it is a corner of the license plate is bent. lt was a very low speed someone-backing-into-you-in-the-Kroger-parking-lot kind of bump. I did stop and honk, but the lady couldn't see me. In the end God is a very merciful God - of all of the horrible things that might have happend to me in the 3 or 4 years that I've been driving, this was the only one that actually came about.

Ho Hum. I think that I shall post this now, but it is such a very bad blog that I don't promise not to change it later! Haha!

lunes, agosto 01, 2005


But why not, after all?