martes, mayo 26, 2009

breaking blogger news!

go... that way!!

So Carla had the brilliant idea of having a whole group blog, so for the latest updates from the Iowa fivesome please go to

and have a save journey there! :D I may not update here again until I'm back...

domingo, mayo 24, 2009

up, up and away!

Hey all!

I'm off on the RP Missions trip to Iowa and Kansas tomorrow! Me, Lindsay, and Joe fly out bright and early at 9, woo! You can be praying that our flights to Kansas City go well (hopefully the airport lets me take my guitar on board!). This'll be exciting for Lindsay as it's her first time to fly, yeay Lidz!

I'm gonna try to update here when possible of all our adventures (and praps throw some picures up too!) so check back in on occasion!


jueves, mayo 21, 2009

don't worry... I'll get caught up soon...

miércoles, mayo 13, 2009

the morning star

And I will give him the morning star. (Revelation 2:28)

Until the day break and the shadows flee away, what a blessing it is to see in Jesus "the morning star"! I remember when we read in the newspapers the idle tale that the star of Bethlehem had again appeared. On inquiry we found that it was only "the morning star"; but no great mistake had been made after all.

It is best to see Jesus as the sun; but when we cannot do so, the next best thing is to see Him as that star which prophesies the day and shows that the eternal light is near at hand. If I am not today all that I hope to be, yet I see Jesus, and that assures me that I shall one day be like Him. A sight of Jesus by faith is the pledge of beholding Him in His glory and being transformed into His image. If I have not at this hour all the light and joy I could desire, yet I shall have it; for as surely as I see the morning star I shall see the day. The morning star is never far from the sun.

Come, my soul, has the Lord given thee the morning star? Dost thou hold fast that truth, grace, hope, and love which the Lord has given thee? Then in this thou hast the dawn of coming glory. He that makes thee overcome evil, and persevere in righteousness, has therein given thee the morning star.

amen, Mr. Spurgeon, amen.

lunes, mayo 11, 2009


**Web Registered** on May 11, 2009
Introduction To Eng And General Linguistics
Teaching ESL: Theoretical Foundations

I'm PU official!

sábado, mayo 09, 2009

somewhere between rant and plea for restoration...

so honestly... half the time I'm just afraid. Afraid to say what's really on my mind because surely, surely that would always do more harm than good. Frankness should be saved for emergencies. Times when the roof is caving in and I will regret forever holding back that shout while a beam has cut through someone else's spine. Amazing how it always comes back to me isn't it? my regrets, my needs... So let me just stop

right now

and talk about You.

Today You let me rise up again, rested, breathing, alive and whole. Shuffle into the kitchen, and You feed me cereal. Shuffled (so haphazardly, again!) into Your word, and you fed me Christ. It's almost ridiculous when I think about it. Your blood-bought eternal child bumbling along, fondling the things of this world, and so often spurning the colossal diamond, the great throbbing gift of Your love. Are we mad? Are we dithering, demented insane that we reach a pinky finger toward the lifeboat which would rather heave us into itself, mind body and soul?

And yet, it was love I called out for, cross and unsure as I was. I didn't like all this aloneness, this sitting cold in front of Your consuming fire. And so you send Your word... promises, truths, commands, and letters of love. And I thought, "Oh... not for me. Not joy. Not today." It couldn't really have been meant to be taken so... to take You at your word. So, I cried again, "Lord I don't feel it! I'm tired of this dead carcass on the inside!" And You sent your love again... warm and living in Your people. And around me they came, they smiled and laughed, they encouraged and questioned and cared. And my response? Complaint. Simpering. Self-absorbed babble mostly drowning out the living love around me. And so went the day, me wretchedly poor and not knowing it, You, in infinite patience forgiving, quickening, not imputing, carving again that which should have Your stamp already deeply engraved.

And here I am, late again, whiling away the time. Reluctant, like a small child, to go to bed... two decades later, and clenching the same stubbornness. Deep down... terrified because I know what this ending brings. I must look back and see every work done in my own strength, every void of wasted time both piled up - filthy rags, stinking in Your nostrils. But listen heart, should you really loath these bitter herbs? Is not the sweetness following? When all your dingy scaffolding has come down and your little mud castle melts to its true form, what is given to you when your knees finally hit the floor?

Christ. He is your Love. He is the answer to all your insecurities, your debilitating sluggishness, your maniacal self-obsession. Do you have sins? Take them to Christ. Is your existence lifeless and worthless? Come to Him in aching imperfection and watch as the voids are filled.

To delay for one second is a danger, to seek self-cure is psychotic delusion. To fly upward, inward evils and all? that is the one sanity and hope. Come, my soul, drop your wretched resistance, and collapse into what you have been seeking and yet rejecting all along. Rest. Peace. Sanity. Assurance. Kindness and Forgiveness. Graciousness and Compassion. Life. A Second Chance. Faith. Hope. Love.

viernes, mayo 08, 2009

so I changed my background again.

domingo, mayo 03, 2009

nothing but the blood...

For a while now, some friends of mine have been working on a project for their apologetics class, and two of them, Andrew and Trevor, actually made a video out of their work. From the get-go I knew that the interviews conducted in campuses, malls, and churches would be at least interesting, but when I saw them for the first time tonight, I was downright impressed with the work these fellas did. I think that the clips are intriguing, professional, compelling, and true.
And in an age of apathetic thinking, and spineless morals... that's saying something.

First half:

Second half: