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martes, enero 20, 2009

a hug

for you

miércoles, enero 14, 2009

abroad we go and ho ho ho...


This shall be a post on tea! Or at least, the excessively good times Ben and I had at San Francisco's Japanese Tea Garden, itself an excessively beautiful place.

Note that in the space/time continuum of our trip, this comes nowhere near where I left off... But as Mr. Ben is busy slaying evil bunnies on his compi, and is not inclined to give me the rest of the pics, I had to sabotage my own camera myself and work with what I got.
And this is what I got...

Can we go in???
Turns out we could not, at least not this day, because it took $10 cash (that we didn't have) to get two bums in! But, we were happy to come back another day, and monetarily support this lovely sliver of San Fran. Because...

Skadoosh!!! Coolness was great when we got there!!

This was one of *the coolest* parts of this uber cool place... the Japanese moon bridge! Only the very surefooted, brave, or Japanese should attempt to climb it...

but it was no match for me and Ben!! Yatta!!

View from the top. Sooo pretty!

This was an uber cool little pool-inside-the-rock thing... Spiffy. (that, and I was finally learning some of my camera's focus settings - yeay!)

Fish! Japaneseish colorful fish! (and, er, not for eating either... hopefully...)

I liked the other bridges too, they were made stepping stones placed just far enough to let water through, but also easily crossable by little legs, if necessary.

Hiragana. And no, I can't tell you what it means, other than the fact that the first simbol is a "no" sound... hmmm.

Everywhere bamboo with wooden fences....

A grievous reminder that not everyone is a friend to the gospel in Japan.

Ben wisely suggested that we stop and have... what else? Green tea!! By this time we were hungry enough that the buiskets and snacks provided, though... culturally enlivening..., were devouered hungrilly

at least for the most part...

But it was, by all accounts, a beautiful time, and one of my very favorite on the whole trip.

martes, enero 06, 2009

more picthurs!

We have a site!

Ben poured his precious time into a loverly road trip site which will (more or less) bring you up to date for the past couple of days (with fewer technical errors than mine...)!   Not sure where you can comment, but you're welcome to effuse here on on facebook...

Here ye be!


lunes, enero 05, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen...

We liiiiive!

That's right! Eight full days after we set out on our intrepid journey, we're still in the land of the living! Needless to say, it's been some trip! But rather than tantalize your imaginations we'll dive right into some photos to let you in on the fabulous adventures of Ben and Cabbage!

Sunday night

Welp, any good trip begins with packings... and this is ours: Can on left, Ben on right.

Meet me in St. Louie!

Since we left at 4 a.m. in the morning we don't have any pictures of the first five hours of travel which Ben manfully and single-handedly drove by himself. Yatta!


Then, since we were by this big arch (silver, and not golden kids) we magically decided to stop.


in which photographic frivolities ensued...

and we basically got to rest our brains.

But no rest for our wheels... California already???

We had landed in Kansas.

But that's ok

Kansas has many memorable... memories.


But really, our first day was a good drive, through some truly lovely land.

And we were glad when it came to an end...

(note: this was *not* actually the end of our journey. Believe us that it was dark when we finally pulled into Colorado Springs. However as we didn't bother taking pictures of the dark and this provides a serene ending to the web log, we will leave your imaginations here...)

Regrettably, in this post I cannot proceed beyond our first day... pictorially at least. But do not fear that more photographic wonders will follow! (ok, I'll admit this first day was no roller coaster ride, and I don't know what the weird spacing is tha blogger is doing... but trust me... it gets better!!)