jueves, junio 24, 2010

new skin

So yeah, everything's changing these days. And if moving/leaving&cleaving/ setting-up-a-whole-new-home-with-a-whole-new-last-name-and-new-existence wasn't enough, I'm supposedly supposed to be crafting the event of a lifetime with all of those crafty/design/ artistic genes that I, ah hem, never actually inherited.

Anywho, it isn't at all a legitimate reason to complain. I mean, you only get to do this once, right? And since it seems like my skin is changing in all sorts of subtle ways, a change of blog skin just falls right in. This is it!

domingo, junio 06, 2010

for those of you who were wondering

I AM actually home now. More pictures forthcoming somewhere. Sleep forthcoming in a few minutes (yeay!).