martes, septiembre 30, 2008


durst we???

sábado, septiembre 13, 2008

Turning my head out, to see what I'm all about...

Another week, another.... week?

Today for the first time I put marshmallows in my coffee.
Yes, I did.

Actually, it started out as a desperate search for any sort of decent creamer (which sadly there was a void of) so I reached for the next white sweet thing I could could find, and poof! (as my French teacher says) there we were! Actually it wasn't half bad. Try that next time you're board...

Aaaaand, I'm already running out of things to say. Part of this is perhaps due to giving some plasma today (a profitable venture in more ways than one). The upside is that you get to help your community and get a bit o compensation. The down side is that your brain (or my brain) sometimes goes with it...

Aaaanywho.... perhaps I shouldn't have used those marshmallows after all...

Speaking of which... marshmallows?? Since when are they marshmallows and who ever says it like that anyway?!

(ok, note to self: no more marshmallows, and certainly not in coffee... adverse mood affects...)

Innnn other news.

Hm. News.

Oh yes, I can put up random pictures from my phone, that shall be diverting.

To preface them, in my various travels about this land, I've started just taking pictures with my cell phone (since it's always with me) so this could be considered a haphazard pictoral representation my life the last few months...*

*as you will note that the pictures came from a phone, you will in kindness excuse their poor quality...

First?? A Christmas picture of course! Three dazzling siblings of various shapes and sizes.
More importantly, what *are* Ben and Amy doing in this picture?? Interpretations??

Next, a random love note/graffiti scribbled on a white board at school.
Of course, those of us who work in the library are gratified.

Next, more sibling photography, only this one is showing off his drum skilzz... Rock band! :D

What could be better than rock band? Fireworks! Our timeline moveth forward to the Fourth of July...

This picture was my special phone background for many moons. Taken in the Creation Museum. (no, not in today's news you silly...)

These next two go together. I say no more.

I have many pictures from New York, but methinks I'll save them for *gasp* another post!
Suffice it to have these two shots from the Delaware County Fair and you can see one side of the... rustic beauty that I was enjoying...

#1: a tee shirt

#2: a sign in the bunny barn
You probably can't tell, but the eyes of the Himalayan Bunny depicted here are red and for the first time I pondered the existence of red-eyed abominable mountain bunnies...
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

the end.

sábado, septiembre 06, 2008