viernes, julio 09, 2010

life after life

To remind myself that there is going to be life after the wedding, I dug up these pics from a time, not too long ago, when I felt like there would never be life after the semester:

That's right, sun chips and some odd choco/coffee milk combo was all I had on hand to get through my final paper. Not a happy camper.

But know what? There was life after that paper. And there will be life after the wedding. And if you think about it, even this whole earthly existence isn't all there is to living. As Solomon said, the sun rises, the sun sets, and we all run around like headless chickens sometimes (ok, that last part was mine). But a day will come when we will find that there is life after life, after all. And I don't think we'll miss this one for a second when we get there. :)

4 comentarios:

Joel and Becca dijo...

Thanks for sharing this post Candace! I couldn't agree with you more. :) I'm bummed we can't make it to your wedding, but we are very excited for you and Josh! :)

Luddie dijo...

You're very cute, cabacita! mucho amor de japon.

Suzanne dijo...

What a poor little creature you were. You needed a nice mummy to give you some red bull.

Junaid Walayat dijo...

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